If you are a history buff and ever so curious to peek into the lives of the older generations, you really need to visit Lothal because this is a place that ties the past and present together. Located at a distance of around 85 kms from the city of Ahmedabad, on the banks of the ancient mythical river Saraswati (which has now dried up), Lothal is a popular Indus Valley Site and a 4500 years old city discovered in 1954. Even though the place is not as thriving as it once used to be, the magic of the ruins are enough to tell you the colourful tales about the lives of the people who were inhabitants of this place. This place is full of surprises and holds a great deal of historical significance. Lothal was not only amongst one of the early successful civilization but was also a hub of industrialisation adjoining different nations. Due to its fascinating excavations and dramatic discovery, Lothal is popular among geologists, historians and archaeologists.