Taj Museum

Located inside the Taj Mahal complex, the Taj Museum was established in 1982 on the western ends of the Taj Gardens. The tiny but terrific depository is a double-storeyed building with a quadrangle projection outside. Situated a little left on the main gate of the mausoleum inside the Jal Mahal, the museum provides the wonderful opportunity to have a close look at the blueprints, arts and artefacts used in the construction of the world-class monument. ItĀ also houses paintings displaying the construction and planning of the graves of the Emperor and his Emperess and the angles measured are so, that the foot of the graves always faces the spectators.

As the name suggests, the museum is all about telling the tale of the Taj. It is a popular place of visit among the travellers as it is home to the facts and history relating to the magnificent monument. You can also find gold and silver coins minted in Agra at the time. We recommend you to visit the place if you are in for a little historical and factual retreat.